2nd Annual Tampa Music Conference

Well it’s the inaugural post for the Slicksno blog, so it is only fitting that we start this thing off right with a little something about the big event in Tampa over the weekend.

This past Saturday, June 4 was the 2nd Annual Tampa Music Conference held at the Tampa Convention Center. And as you have probably guessed, Slicksno was in tha building looking to network and get some education on the music “biz”.

In Slicksno standard operating mode, running late, I did not make it to the conference until… well pretty damn late. That being said, the I still got my money’s worth…

Just a few quick points on the conference:

The setup was nice, there was a big open floor area that was ideal for networking or just shooting the breeze with whoever and there was plenty of seating around the stage, which was nice once the panels got started.

Plenty of materials were provided both by artists who attended and by the organizers. Everybody was getting there network on.

Speaking of organizers, big ups to Angel owner of Benton Records for putting this event together and making it a success. He got some excellent panelist for this event.

I am not going to go into a long recount of the conference here, cuz first off – I did not attend the whole event (late as usual…lol) – second reason is cuz it has been done, check the review at tamphiphop.com.

I think Rydnsolo does an excellent job with his review….

The Event was hot!!! Network, Network, Network….

Here’s a few photos:

Me and Orange County’s finest – TREAL:

Tampa’s own Big Mook stopped hustlin long enough for this shot:

Even though Blood Raw is doing big things (with bigger things comin) he is one of the coolest, down to earth cats I have met:

We are gonna keep this thing rollin, holla at cha boy….