6 Million ways to…. remix Jay-Z’s Black Album

Slicksno.com - Jay-Z“The Jay-Z Construction Set” comes out just a week after “Grey Tuesday”, the day that some online groups took to protest EMI Music’s clampdown on the Grey Album by remix DJ, Danger Mouse.

Created by two anonymous 23-year-olds to give fans a chance to produce their own Black Album remixes and to compare them with several other popular ones already circulating on the bootleg circuit, the kit includes Jay-Z’s The Black Album’s a cappella vocals, hundreds of vintage music samples and simple audio editing software that will allow users to create their own instrumentals. Also included are nine CDs’ worth of The Black Album remixes – including The Grey Album from DJ Danger Mouse, The Brown Album from producer Kev Brown and The Black Remixes from producer Ninth Wonder and various hip-hop images for construction of a custom CD cover.

“The Jay-Z Construction Set” was launched late Tuesday night by a couple of young men that go by code names: Claire Chanel and Scary Sherman. They’re distributing the toolkit via the peer-to-peer network BitTorrent. A preview of the kit and instructions on how to use BitTorrent are available at jayzconstructionset.com. Theoretically, a user will be able to create their own remix album and add it to the toolkit, which would then be hosted by their computer for another person to download. In its original form, the toolkit files total 649 MB.