Another Eminem Copyright Suit - EminemEminem has just won another copyright and trademark infringement case, this time against Dutch online company Rams Horn BV.

It seeems that Rams Horn BV was selling two CD’s, one entitled Eminem Is Back featured unreleased Em tracks and the second titled All Stars Eminem – The Greatest Hits featured covers of Em’s songs.

The problem is they never got Slim Shady’s approval for either one.

Ramshorn must stop sales of all CD’s immediately and place a rectification notice on its web site.

The company has also been ordered to contact every client that has purchased the CD and request that they return the CD’s in exchange for reimbursement of the original price in addition to the postage.

Failure to cooperate could result in fines ranging between 7,500 and 25,000 Euro dollars for breach of restrictions stated by the court.