Cali Parole Officers Fired for Moonlighting with Snoop - Snoop DoggFour state parole officers who were moonlighting as security guards for Snoop Dogg, were recently terminated after a year long probe by the California Department of Corrections.

The controversy began last year when Snoop`s caravan was stopped by police following the 3rd annual BET Awards.

When police stopped Snoop’s bulletproof SUV they noticed that the guards inside were heavily armed. They arrested three armed bodyguards and proceeded to search the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle police found knives, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and firearms.

According to sources from the Los Angeles Corrections Department, three parole officers were part of Snoop`s entourage that night.

The fourth officer was dismissed because he was working for Snoop while collecting disability from the state.

A Corrections Department spokesman revealed that they expected the officers to appeal the decision within 30 days. For parole officers in LA, employment is prohibited if it’s “incompatible or inconsistent” with an officer’s duties.

Last year, the Inglewood Unified School District board elected to fire 8 part-time school police officers, including 4 that worked as bodyguards for Snoop when an unidentified gunman shot at the rapper and his entourage in April 2003.