Educators Use Hip Hop to Reach More Students - Dead PrezMany teachers look for new ways to reach their students, increasingly around the country, teachers have been turning to Hip Hop songs from the likes of Nas and dead prez as learning tools.

At the forefront of this movement is Schuaib Meacham, a 42-year-old education professor at the University of Delaware.

Meacham hopes to bring Hip Hop into classrooms to help engage students in learning.

In this new movement to improve education, teachers are now empowering the students by letting them bring their favorite rap songs to class as a tool to teach filmmaking, science, creative writing and literature.

The movement is steadily growing and Meacham along with 300 other educators and Hip Hop artists including dead prez attended a conference organized by H2ed-Hip-Hop education in New York last November.

While more professors are joining Meacham’s cause, he has run into opposition from administration, who changed the name of his “Hip Hop Literacy” class without his approval. They felt it was inappropriate.

“In class, hip-hop is a vehicle to help students succeed where previously they’ve failed,” Meacham explained. “Without hip-hop, you wouldn’t even know what they were capable of.”