Flip Responds to T.I.’s Tirade

Slicksno.com - Lil FlipLil Flip responds to T.I.’s verbal tirade that occurred this weekend at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9’s 9th annual Birthday Bash by saying T.I. is just trying to get attention.

Lil Flip, who was scheduled to go on following T.I. at Hot 107.9’s 9th annual Birthday Bash concert, never made it to the stage due to T.I.’s antics.

“I hear T.I. is on stage with like 20 of his men supposedly ready to confront me when it was my turn to take the stage,” explains Flip. “At that point the police and the venue people kept us off the stage, they were gonna shut it down and leave.”

Flip denies that he ever called himself the “King of the South” and that T.I. is just trying to sell more records.

“Dude is on stage mad, claiming he’s the King of the South, and that I said he wasn’t. All I gotta say is that I don’t even KNOW him,” said Flip. “I guess it’s just part of the game for him, a publicity stunt to move some more units. I don’t need to do anything extra to draw more attention to myself.”

Lil Flip is staying focused on his hustle and isn’t worried about this or any other drama that comes his way.

“A lot of people have been coming at me, and I really don’t have the time to address all of them. Ima keep doin’ me regardless,” says the Houston emcee. “If he wanna take it there, I mean he got a team, I got a team too, so its whatever. Otherwise, go find another way to sell records ’cause I am selling records.”