John Kerry Fascinated with Hip Hop? Talks About Censorship - John KerryIn last night’s MTV Choose or Loose segment Senator John Kerry spoke on his fascination with hip hop and his view on censorship.

“Oh sure. I follow and I’m interested,” said Kerry when asked if there were any musical or pop culture trends that have piqued his interest. “I don’t always like, but I’m interested. I mean, I never was into heavy metal. I didn’t really like it. I’m fascinated by rap and by hip-hop. I think there’s a lot of poetry in it. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it. And I think you’d better listen to it pretty carefully, ’cause it’s important.”

Kerry later defended the right of artists’ free speech. “I think that there is a line you draw between government intervention and the right of speech and the right for people to express themselves,” says Kerry. “But do I think there are standards of decency in that? Yes, I do. Do I think that sometimes some lyrics in some songs have stepped over what I consider to be a reasonable line? Yeah, I do.”

He went on to illustrate where he may draw the line personally, “when you start talking about killing cops or something like that, it bothers me.”

Although some lyrics may cross the line Kerry explains, “I’m still listening because I know that it’s a reflection of the street and it’s a reflection of life, and I understand all that.”

As far as censorship goes the Senator weighed in with this, “I’m not for the government censoring or stepping in. But I don’t think it’s inappropriate occasionally to talk about what you think is a standard or what you think is a value that is worth trying to live up to.”