Lil Kim Queen B Watches - Lil KimLil’ Kim has taken the glamour that has exemplified Hip-Hop’s female upper crust to the next level with her own line of watches.

The rapper’s signature line will be The Queen B Royalty Watch, featuring an alluring design with a face that is bordered with replica diamonds.

The Queen B Royalty Watch joins several other products Lil Kim has already endorsed including Old Navy, Mac cosmetics and Louis Vuitton.

Kim is also hoping to tap into the Hip-Hop footwear market sometime soon, which is currently occupied by other notable hip hop artists such as Baby (Lugz), 50 Cent (Reebok), and Jay-Z (Reebok).

Also in the works for the Queen B is a new album of her greatest hits featuring some of hip hop’s emerging talent.

The Queen B Royalty Watch is expected in national retail outlets this summer.