Miami PD takes some heat for profiling rappers -  Hip Hop NewsThe report earlier this week about Miami PD profiling rappers has sparked some serious controversy. Many civil rights and black activist groups are up in arms.

The Miami Herald reports that members of the Miami Beach Black Host Committee say they are deeply offended by the police department’s monitoring of rappers and their associates. The Host Committee is a group created by Miami’s mayor to help improve the city’s relationship with black residents and visitors.

A meeting will be held today to outline the committee’s concerns. The results will be presented to Mayor Dermer and Police Chief DeLucca early next week.

The main concern of the committee, according to committee Chairman Henry Crespo, is that these police practices will undermine the effort to foster goodwill between the city and black people.

“These folks are coming here to have fun, they’re spending money, buying bottles,” Crespo said. “Did they shoot somebody last week, have they been selling drugs, have they been involved in prostitution, have they killed anybody? If not, then what warrants this violation of a person’s privacy?”

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons’ Hip-Hop Summit Action Network said it would file suit against both the Miami and New York police departments.

“It appears to us there are certain federal violations that have been committed as a result of evidence reported by The Miami Herald as to the existence of rap profiling,” Ben Chavis, CEO and president of the HSAN, told The Herald this week.

The ACLU is also joining the fight, Executive Director Howard Simon said, “Just because some people in the rap industry have engaged in criminal behavior, that does not justify interrogating and profiling everyone in the industry. We wouldn’t tolerate that with white musicians.”

After years of denying that any monitoring of rappers’ activities was going on, The Herald’s report also forced the New York Police Department to admit that it had met with South Florida police to discuss rap violence.