Mr. Cheeks and Legal Drug Money - Mr. CheeksMr. Cheeks is back in the mix roughly a year following Back Again, this time he is returning with a new LP on his newly founded Legal Drug Money label.

Cheeks and Universal Records have parted ways. Ladies And Ghettomen, is the third solo effort by Cheeks’ and will mark Legal Drug Money’s first release.

“We’re just regular street guys that like to party, spend money, love the women and enjoy life,” Cheeks explains in a statement. “That’s what the album is mainly about.”

Originally Cheeks’ new LP was supposed to drop on The Commission Records, but due to some contract violations on the labels part, the LP is now set to drop in conjunction with Cotango Records.

Cotango has obtained an injunction against The Commission, prohibiting the label from releasing any material from the Queens rapper.

In other news, Cheeks is scheduled to headline a tour that features Pete Rock and Truth Hurts, both whom have guest spots on the LP.

Mr. Cheeks’ Ladies And Ghettomen hits stores in September while the tour begins in New York on August 3rd.