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While rapper Mr. Complex works the underground circuit and tours throughout the globe, during daylight hours he works in a world much different than underground Hip-Hop.

As a production assistant [PA], Mr. Complex works with assistant director’s on various commercial movies and is planning his own film. While some may find it difficult to maneuver in such different arenas, Complex says there is nothing to it.

“It’s a business man, it’s a crazy game,” Mr. Complex told “It’s like the underground world. You can make a lot of money independently [but] everything has to go right for you.”

According to Mr. Complex, who has recorded and performed with the likes of Mos Def, Pharoahe Monche, Masta Ace, El Fudge, El-P of Company Flow and De La Soul, the transition into a job outside of emceeing was not that difficult to make.

“You know I’ve been with these Hollywood people,” he said. “These artists and actors they know who I am, you know what I mean? When we get in the car they start quoting my rhymes. It bugs me out when these people know. People like Farrah Fawcett [one of the original cast members of Charlie’s Angels]. I was riding around with her, she was listening to my songs, you know, reciting my rhymes back to me.”

Another is Will Ferrell, who is currently one of Hollywood’s brightest comedic talents. Mr. Complex has a cameo role in an upcoming film with Ferrell called “Winter Passing,” where he is featured as a DJ.

With film experience under his belt, Mr. Complex said that he will release his own low-budget flick, “Enter The Complex.”

“It’s like a spoof of [Bruce Lee’s] “Enter The Dragon.” “I should be done with that in a few months. I had to go on this international tour to find this dude called ‘the cookie man’ who was bootlegging our stuff. So while I was on the road, I’m running around filming. It’s crazy and it has a lot of people in it. I shot it in Germany, Switzerland. I’ve probably done more place than anybody man, ’cause I’ve been going out of the country since ’97. My passport got maybe one or two spaces left.”

“Enter the Complex” is slated for a fall release while his album Twisted Mister is in stores now.