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MTV is planning to reach out to Hip-Hop listeners with a series of new marketing tactics through the sponsorship of film festivals and car shows.

Recently, MTV2 sponsored The Urban World Film Festival, which showcases urban, ethnic and multicultural films. The network has also sponsored other festivals, car shows and other functions that aren’t directly tied into music.

“You have blinders on if you’re only marketing music in music venues,” MTV2 president David Cohn told Billboard. “We’re looking at the vibrant culture that crosses over to film, cars, videogames and sports.”

Now MTV2 is scheduled to sponsor the 7th annual Hot Import Nights national car show, featuring sports vehicle, music and fashion showcases. Additionally, the network will sponsor an “In Car Entertainment” exhibit that will feature DJ’s in several cities. It will also take footage of the show and later air in one of its programs.

According to Cohn, the new marketing strategies aim to promote the “Sucker Free Sundays” brand, which is MTV2’s main Hip-Hop program and one of its highest rated shows.

“Our constant goal is to exhibit cutting-edge work and urban perspectives to a broader audience, and the alliance with MTV2 strengthens our ability to fulfill this mission,” Stacy Spikes, Urbanworld festival founder, said in a statement.

MTV2 will also feature Urban World Festival winners and produce a behind-the-scenes episode taken at the festival.