NBA Recruits the Black Eyed Peas - Black Eyed PeasThe NBA and ESPN have drafted the Black Eyed Peas to supply the theme song for the 2004 playoffs hoping hip hop will help make this year’s series the hottest ticket on television.

The theme song titled “Let’s Get It Started”, is a remake of Elephunk’s “Let’s Get Retarded” and will be broadcast in the arenas as well as 30-second promotional spots on television.

The Peas made four different versions of the track for the commercials, all designed to hype up the basketball action, including one timed around the 24-second shot clock.

“This means we made it. Aside from it being a cool launchpad for our single, this alone is big,” Will said in a statement. “The song is about letting go of inhibitions and getting started, and they are about letting the game get started. It’s the same idea.”

“It could conceivably help us sell another million records and establish this band like an OutKast,” Ron Fair, president of A&M said in regards to the commercial’s visibility.

The 30-second promotional spots will air at least 2,000 times during the 6-week playoff run, giving the Black Eyed Peas maximum exposure to a wide audience. In addition, abbreviated clips will air and the 90-second versions will be broadcasted live in NBA arenas.

Carlos Santana, Jim Belushi, comedian George Lopez, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and ABC commentator Bill Walton will be appearing in the commercial spots with the Peas. The spots premiere on April 12 and will run throughout the playoffs in June.