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Nelly’s energy drink Pimp Juice has created the P.I.M.P Scholars Program, which will provide financial assistance to eligible college students.

According to the company, P.I.M.P is an acronym for Positive Intellectual Motivated Person. The scholarship, which is competitive, will award two applicants, one male and one female, with a $5,000 award.

The P.I.M.P Scholarship is not limited to academics. Applicants stand a better chance of winning the scholarship if they are involved in leadership roles in extracurricular activities of all genres.

The top twenty-five applicants will be contacted and asked for an official college transcript and a letter of recommendation from a leader in their respective communities.

Deadline for submission is December 29, 2004 and the Scholarships will be awarded in January of 2005.

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In related news, Nelly’s latest single from his forthcoming albums Sweat and Suit is “‘Tilt ‘Cha Head Back.”

The song borrows a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s classic song “Superfly” and features Christina Aguilera.

The albums also include collaborations with Mobb Deep, Mase and country singer Tim McGraw who contributes to the song “Over and Over.”