New Line of Hip Hop Oriented Books From Riverhead - Wu Tang ClanA new line of books from Riverhead Trade paperbacks focuses on urban culture and the hip hop lifestyle.

Titled Freestyle, the new line will consist of fiction and nonfiction titles relating to urban culture.

“There is a hungry — and probably under-served — readership for books that share the energy and themes of hip-hop culture. We see books that reflect this movement, both fiction and nonfiction, as an area of growth,” said Co-Publisher Julie Grau in a statement.

One of the upcoming titles from the new Freestyle imprint is The Wu-Tang Manual. The book is an illustrated guide to the cosmology of the legendary hip-hop group The Wu-Tang Clan and was authored by members of the group.

Other books are in the works including two from Tariq “K-Flex” Nasheed, a former hustler and self-proclaimed “hip-hop dating guru,” titled The Art of Mackin’ and The Mack Within.