Rappers beware in Miami

Slicksno.com - 50 CentThe police force in the Miami Metro-Dade area have been actively monitoring the activities of Rap and Hip Hop artists while they are in town.

The practice started in 2001, after over 250,000 people packed into Miami Beach for Labor Day festivities. Police didn’t anticipate such a large crowd and were overwhelmed by the enormous amount of hip hoppers. Officials became determined to figured out how the hip hop following became so large.

Officers stake out various spots such as airports, hotels, clubs and video shoots. They also gather intelligence from a network of sources, including hotel and night club workers, and off-duty police officers on security detail.

“A lot, if not most rappers belong to a gang,” Miami police Sgt. Rafael Tapanes told the Miami Herald. “We keep track of their arrests and their associates.”

The Miami police received some binders and training from the New York Police Department during a three day Hip-Hop training session last May. The six inch binders contain information on every rapper and thier associates, they start with a picture of 50 Cent and end with Ja-Rule.

Other major cities such as Los Angeles and Atlanta were also present during the sessions.

“They were trained on what to look for in the lyrics, what to look for when they go to Hip-Hop concerts, what radio stations and TV stations to monitor to keep abreast of any rift between these rappers.”