Rass Kass Sues Priority Records

Slicksno.com - Ras KassLawyers for incarcerated rapper Ras Kass have filed a lawsuit against Priority Records in Los Angeles County Superior Court for $5 million, citing breaches of his contract.

The West Coast emcee has been trying to get released from his label for quite sometime and now is suing them for emotional distress as well as breach of contract.

Ras signed with Priority back in 1995 and has not released a full length album since 1998, when he released Rassassination.

Rass’ last two LP’s Van Gogh and The Golden Chyld were both shelved by Priority, despite production work from the likes of Dr. Dre and DJ Premier. Priority later claimed that Ras owed them close to $1 million dollars.

Last year, Rass was convicted of a DUI charge and went on the run from authorities for several months before being caught.

“I want what is fair,” Rass Kass said in statement. “All I want is to create great music, have the proper team behind me, and be the artist that I am.”

“I am prepared to do what it takes in order to be released from this ugly situation,” Rass concluded.