Red and Meth’s New TV Crib - Redman and Method ManFans are getting a sneak preview of Method Man and Redman’s new super-luxury crib, where viewers will catch them every week on their new Fox series.

Red takes the viewer on a video tour through several rooms in the ridiculously luxurious mansion as he points out various accessories, including every game system imaginable, a home recording studio, a pool table and a spacious Jacuzzi with fountain and waterproof TV.

The tour begins with Funk Doc at the double front doors with M on one door and R on the other. Once through the doors the viewer catches a view of the massive floor to ceiling fish tank in the center of the foyer along with two curved staircases.

Redman then takes viewers on a tour of the “Boom Boom Room”, which is strictly VIP and equipped with a pool table inscribed with M&R, their own gambling table with M&R on the chips and a fish tank arched over the bar.

“Where it really get the crackin’ at…is the Boom Boom Room,” Redman declares to the camera. “You gotta be hood VIP to get up in here…we don’t allow no bourgeois-ness up in here…nobody that wear shoes and suits.”

Next stop is the kitchen, stocked with everything two rags to riches hoodfellas could desire – including more than four flat screen TV’s. There’s a TV on the see-through refrigerator door and even a flat screen sitting on the shelf inside beside the Nestle Quik. And to ensure they don’t miss a shot on the Laker game, the kitchen also features a wall mounted flat screen and even a small flat screen in one of the drawers.

“Now you tell me,” Red asks, “is that pimpin’ or isn’t it.”

The Method & Red show premieres on June 16th on Fox.

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