Snippets: Shaq Goes After Skillz | 50 Cent’s Jewels | Organized Konfusion Reunion Shelved | Farnsworth Freestyles for Tommy - EminemLA Laker Shaquille O’Neal dissed VA rapper Skillz on a recent mixtape.

“I don’t care how “mad” your “skillz” is you can’t serve me/You don’t like these, take off my throwback jersey,” Shaq rapped.

Skillz said he can’t figure out why O’Neal was targeting him, but said he would reply next week.

“Him going at me is like me coming down the lane at him,” Skillz told

After launching his own label, sneaker and clothing line, 50 Cent is now contemplating the opening of jewelry stores across the U.S.

According to BBC Radio, 50 Cent would sell his jewels in boutique stores alongside Louis Vutton bags and Gucci wallets.

Pharoahe Monche’s highly anticipated reunion LP with Prince Po & new member O.C. as Organized Konfusion has been shelved.

“I have a responsibility to my fans to make good music,” Po told

“It’s a slap in the face of fans when you complicate the process of making music with all these petty demands, requirements & excuses.”

Po’s LP The Slickness drops this month.

After scoring his own interlude on Da Band’s album and a verse on the remix of Kanye West’s “Work Out Plan,” P. Diddy’s former manservant Farnsworth Bentley is now contemplating a music career, reports
His freestyle skills will soon be featured in a Tommy Hilfiger/Tommy Jeans commercial in which he also appears. The promo is set for a mid-summer launch.