Snoop Dogg Hit With Lawsuit On Stage - Snoop DoggSource:

A Norfolk, Virginia concert promoter hit Snoop Dogg with a $5 million dollar lawsuit, while the rapper was on stage during a performance at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater on Wednesday.

The plaintiff, Patricia Richardson, claims that she was arrested on January 28th 1997, the night of a Snoop concert she was promoting at local Club Flava.

Richardson said that Snoop ordered her to pick up three Fedex packages. Police stopped her, searched the packages, which were allegedly addressed to Snoop and found over 7 pounds of marijuana.

“I was put in a situation that I never should have been put into,” Richardson told WAVY News 10. “This is nothing about my character, not the type of activity I’m involved in, ever involved in or ever will be involved in.”

Richardson said that the request was not odd and that concert promoters frequently carried out such tasks.

“That’s part of your responsibilities,” she said. “You don’t know what the packages were.”

Richardson is suing for pain and suffering due to the arrest.

“I just hate that I had to suffer for someone else, what other people did,” Richardson continued. “I don’t think that’s fair.”

Richardson’s attorney worked to keep the case alive and purposely arranged for an officer in the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Department to serve the rapper while he was on stage.

Snoop now has 20 days to file a formal response in regards to the charges.