Tampa Music Beef: DJ Short-e vs Orlando

orlando-is-a-hater-shorte-is-a-mogul I am not one to get involved in someone else’s beef but just like a lot of other people, I like to sit back and watch things unfold. Apparently, DJ Short-e was a little upset that Orlando, PD of Wild 94.1, hated on him did not hire him to work for the radio station, a dream Short-e has had since he was 15 years old.

In retaliation to all the hate, jealousy, and the obvious fact that Orlando is intimidated by Short-e not being hired Short-e fired off quite a few tweets (1 2 3) and Facebook comments towards Orlando. Well if he wanted the hater’s Orlando’s attention he got it! The hater Orlando put a page up on Wild94.1’s site dedicated to this little disagreement between a hater radio Program Director and a music mogul.

Ok… on the real, this is hilarious so check out the link and definitely read the comments. You can also follow Orlando on Twitter and Facebook, and Short-e on Twitter to see where this goes next. Is it hate? Jealousy? Honest feedback? You be the judge…