The Chris Brown TBT Incident

Louis SantanaWell St. Pete and the whole Tampa Bay area are talking about the incident between Chris Brown’s alleged security team and a TBT photographer. So I guess I will touch on it as well…

Supposedly the photographer, Louis Santana, was standing outside of Vintage Ultra Lounge in downtown St. Pete when Chris Brown exited with a group of security. Santana took some pictures of the R&B star and was promptly chased by the security detail. In the process of the chase, Santana’s shirt was ripped and then they forced him to the ground. His camera flash and lens were broken in the scuffle. After he was on the ground one guard put his knee on Santana’s jaw and took his camera, which is worth about $3000. Santana said “I was yelling, ‘Call the police! Call the police!’. Then one of the guys said, ‘I am the police.’ ”

Santana believes the incident was retaliation for the photos he took of Rihanna at International Plaza on Monday (5/5) afternoon, where he was pushed aside by here bodyguard at the mall. That same man was involved in the incident later after the club.

Check out more of the details here and here.

If this is the way it went down (the police are investigating) somebody owes homeboy a new camera and an apology.