Turk Charges Reduced in Attempted Murder Case

Slicksno.com - TurkFormer member of Cash Money Millionaire’s Hot Boys, Tab “Turk” Virgil Jr, had murder charges against him reduced at a preliminary hearing.

Virgil is being held on charges of attempted murder for his involvement in the shooting of two officers during a raid on an apartment in Memphis, Tennessee.

The court lowered the charges against him from First Degree to Second Degree Attempted Murder.

Sgt. Perry McEwan was a suprise witness in the case and testified that several officers broke into the Memphis apartment where the rapper was staying wearing black masks.

According to McEwan, officers announced themselves just before entering, but after entering the apartment the officers did not identify themselves and they did not produce a warrant.

Virgil’s girlfriend also testified in the case, “We thought we were being robbed. I got under the bed. I was in fear for my life.”

Virgil was originally charged with two counts of First Degree Attempted Murder, but after early ballistics tests showed that a second officer was hit by friendly fire, the second charge was dropped.

There was no testimony from the prosecution referring to drugs, although the officers were on a drug raid at the time of the incident.

Virgil’s bond has been reduced from $750,000 to $150,000.

The case is scheduled to go before a grand jury.

Virgil new joint, Penitentiary Chances, is set to drop on April 27 on Koch Records.