Young Buck and 50 Cent Bring G-Unit South - Young BuckYoung Buck and 50 Cent are expanding their brand of gansta-izm below the Mason-Dixon line with the new G-Unit South label.

Buck has always expressed the desire to turn Nashville from country twang to southern slang, representing the best of southern hip hop. So it only made sense to bring the G-unit name and clout with him.

“I want to see more artists from where I am from get into the game as well as other artists that just deserve something,” Buck says of the label.

His plans for long term success in this business is what brought the label idea about.

“The goals would be to sell units and to establish myself as a company for the long-term business,” Buck said. “I want longevity. I love the music before the money so I got a real heart for the s**t.”

Although the new label hasn’t signed any acts yet, Buck already has someone in mind.

“I got a homey that I started with by the name of D-Tay that will probably be the first look that I have as far as the label is concerned,” explains Buck.

Buck and 50’s new label is more than just a logo deal like most imprints these days, where the major label owns the masters and distribution.

“That’s officially 50 Cent and Young Buck,” says Buck. “Its going to be coming to a hood near you. That’s real.”