Andre 3000 – Esquire’s World’s Best Dressed Man - Andre 3000Source:

Esquire magazine recognized the fashion sense of rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast by naming him 2004’s “World’s Best Dressed Man.”

The list was gathered by top fashion experts and this year is the first to include people from around the world.

“We scanned every square mile of the globe, from the tip of Africa to the beaches of Mexico,” Esquire editors wrote of the search for the best dressed man. “What we found was […]

Snippets: Sucka Free $.99 Downloads || Andre’s Smoking Gun Offends Brits || Ultramagnetic MCs Unite || The Roots Presents Pay-per-view || Liles Leaves Def Jam Good - Snoop DoggAfter a falling out with Lil Flip & Sony, Sucka Free Records is offering .99 cent downloads of Flip & other Sucka Free artists at

“I am doing this to show we’re cutting edge,” CEO Duane “Hump” Hobbs

The label is still locked in a dispute with Sony over Lil Flip.

“They can hold them checks til they think I’ma bite the bag,” Hobbs added. “I still got money to get […]

Snippets: Ghettopoly files suit | Tina Marie on Cash Money | Five FT convicted | Eminem hits comics | Missy goes reality | Classical Andre 3000 | Bad Boy 10th Anniversay DVD - TurkDavid Chang, the creator of Ghettopoly, is suing Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly.

Hasbro, which makes Monopoly, filed their lawsuit to stop the sales of Ghettopoly, claiming trademark and copyright infringement. Chang says the game is a parody of Hip-Hop culture and that at least 100 other games end in “opoly.”

As a result of Hasbro’s cease-and-desist order, Chang said he’s been stopped from selling the game before it can go to court, due to a […]