‘Method & Red’ Producers Scrap Episodes, Fight For Creative Freedom

Slicksno.com - Redman and Method ManSource: AllHipHop.com

Producers of “Method & Red” have shelved an additional three episodes of the show, as Method Man, Redman and the show’s other producers fight for the show’s creative direction.

According to high level executives involved with the production of the show, Fox completely changed the vision of the show, prompting Method Man to publicly complain that it did not reflect their original vision.

“Creatively they are on a different page than the […]

Snoop Dogg Hit With Lawsuit On Stage

Slicksno.com - Snoop DoggSource: AllHipHop.com

A Norfolk, Virginia concert promoter hit Snoop Dogg with a $5 million dollar lawsuit, while the rapper was on stage during a performance at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater on Wednesday.

The plaintiff, Patricia Richardson, claims that she was arrested on January 28th 1997, the night of a Snoop concert she was promoting at local Club Flava.

Richardson said that Snoop ordered her to pick up three Fedex packages. Police stopped her, searched the packages, […]

Former Def Jam Prez Heads to Warner

Slicksno.com - Kevin LilesSource: SOHH.com

After leaving Def Jam for the second time a few weeks ago, former Island/Def Jam president Kevin Liles is set to follow his former boss Lyor Cohen by joining Warner Music.

According to the New York Daily News, Liles will serve as executive vice president and once again report to Lyor Cohen. Liles reportedly had a falling out with Def Jam’s new chief L.A. Reid, causing him to leave the label. Liles was […]

Black Eyed Peas’ Studio Up In Flames

Slicksno.com - Black Eyed PeasSource: AllHipHop.com

A recording studio the Black Eyed Peas were working in went up in flames, after the group allegedly lit candles to create a mood while recording material for their new album.

According officials, the group was recording material for their upcoming album Monkey Business inside the Glenwood Place Studios. The candles sparked the blaze around 3:00 am.

Members of the group were in another part of the facility eating dinner during a break […]

MTV2 Reaches Out to Hip Hoppers

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MTV is planning to reach out to Hip-Hop listeners with a series of new marketing tactics through the sponsorship of film festivals and car shows.

Recently, MTV2 sponsored The Urban World Film Festival, which showcases urban, ethnic and multicultural films. The network has also sponsored other festivals, car shows and other functions that aren’t directly tied into music.

“You have blinders on if you’re only marketing music in music venues,” MTV2 president […]