Snippets: Micro$oft and hip hop | LA Reid | Em’s Mom | Rakim | D12 | Master P | Nelly’s Pimp Juice | Faith | Mos Def - R. KellyMicrosoft will host a DJ Summit, inviting some of the most popular DJ’s. Grandmaster Flash will address the DJ’s, who will represent all music genres. “Microsoft feels [the DJ’s] are some of the most important people in the music business,” Flash told The event is February 7-8 in Seattle.

   Antonio “LA” Reid, will head up Univeral’s Island Def Jam record label. Reid will become Chairman & CEO, in a 3 year, multi-million dollar […]

Snippets: Paris’ Guerrilla Funk and PE | Mariah in Malaysia | The Knicks get Wilkens | SuperFly Passed | Patra is Back | Unifying DJ’s | L.A. Reid Steps | Damon Dash gets Sued | Lloyd Banks Groupie Luve | Kelis on Tour - C-MurderRapper Paris’ Guerrilla Funk Recordings will manufacture & distribute a new Public Enemy LP entitled “Rebirth Of A Nation.” The LP by one of the most influential and contraversial groups in hip hop history is slated for summer ’04.

Mariah gets boycott by Muslims in Malaysia. Try saying that 4 times fast. Reportedly the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party complains that her performance is immoral and promotes un-Islamic values. Mariah’s camp has stated that she will tone […]