Bobby V – Beep Remix feat Ludacris, Lil Kim, & Lil Wayne

Bobby Valentino


The remix of Bobby Valentino’s latest single enlists Ludacris, the Queen Bee Lil Kim, and Lil Wayne. Definitely a hot single… Bobby V’s new album Rebirth out this month (Feb)…


Snippets: Lil Kim Grounded || Hammer Gets Sued For Home || Bad Boy Releases Remastered ‘Ready to Die’ Next Month || KRS-One Hosts Blaze Battles DVD || Q-Tip Cancels Tour - The Isley BrothersLil Kim was denied permission to travel to perform in the Caribbean resort of St. Kitts by a federal judge reports

Judge Gerard E. Lynch said Kim could not leave the United States, after she posted $500,000 bond due to perjury charges.

Authorities claim Kim lied to a Grand Jury about her knowledge of a 2001 daylight shooting. The decision will cost Lil Kim $35,000 in performance fees and she is […]