Tampa Bay Hip Hop Celebs

TBT - Tampa Bay Times cover 2009-02-20

In today’s TBT there was an interesting article about celebrities that have either grown up in or once called the Tampa Bay area home. Some of those celebrities come from the hip hop and urban music worlds, so I thought I would highlight the few mentions that pertain to the Tampa hip hop music scene. Check it out…

The Chris Brown TBT Incident

Louis SantanaWell St. Pete and the whole Tampa Bay area are talking about the incident between Chris Brown’s alleged security team and a TBT photographer. So I guess I will touch on it as well…

Tampa Rappers Get Some Shine in Today’s TBT

TBT - Ultimate Local Music Guide - Hip-HopTBT has put out their Ultimate Local Music Guide in today’s edition. Included in this ‘ultimate’ guide is some focus on our local hip-hop community here in Tampa Bay. Although it is far from a comprehensive list of who’s who in Tampa hip-hop, it’s definitely nice to see the local media acknowledging the growing hip-hop community in our area.