How the Recording Industry Missed the Boat

The RIAA is in round two of there lawsuits against music downloaders in an attempt to stop music sharing on the net. Once again proving that they would rather hinder growth and advancement than to promote it. Here is what I mean…

Shamrocks and Glocks: Benzino’s Dirty Little Secret?

As you all know by now, Benzino (who is NOT a co-founder of the Source, as is often reported) has released tapes of a much younger Eminem using the N word and bad-mouthing Black women in a rambling, amateurish freestyle.

Misinformation & Useful Idiots

This has more to do with life in general than it does with hip hop music or hip hop culture specifically. There are a lot of things going on in the world today that could affect the way our world is tomorrow. I was listening to someone speak recently about some world issues and he made an interesting comment that got me thinking. It is a phrase I have heard used before but like many other things, had been buried under a pile of other stuff inside my head.

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Eminem’s Lyrics: The Saga Continues

A CEO of a major urban record label was speaking out in regards to Eminem’s controversial lyrics and was quoted as saying, “We are the defenders of African American Women.” I read this and had to ask myself, “When did this happen? Am I missing something?” I mean other than a few rap and hip hop songs that speak well of women, most do not, and let’s face it negativity sells. The name of the game is record sales

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A Hip Hop Industry Commentary

Hip Hop has been around for quite a while now. In the beginning it was compared to music fads such as Disco, but Hip Hop has long surpassed these other types of music in popularity and staying power. From the start Hip Hop has had an uphill battle. Coming from the streets of New York and other urban areas of the country, artists had to work hard to get air time and respect from mainstream media. Even a lot of black owned venues did not welcome this new form of music

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