Eminem’s Lyrics: The Saga Continues

By Frost

A CEO of a major urban record label was speaking out in regards to Eminem’s controversial lyrics and was quoted as saying, “We are the defenders of African American Women.” I read this and had to ask myself, “When did this happen? Am I missing something?” I mean other than a few rap and hip hop songs that speak well of women, most do not, and let’s face it negativity sells. The name of the game is record sales and money. That being said this is in no way a defense of Eminem and what he said. It was straight up ignorant and there really is no excuse for it. But isn’t it hipocracy for the same people, that exploit and degrade Black women for profit, to blast Em for what he said. Does it make it more degrading because Em is white? So there’s no outrage or outcry when black hip hop artists disrespect black women, but if someone white does it there’s a problem.

I don’t support stereotypes or broad statements about any race, color, or culture. And we are not ready to get past the issue of color in this country, at least some aren’t, but it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Again I’m not defending Eminem on this, I think what he said should not go unchecked. I just want a little consistency from the people who are outraged by his comments, show some outrage when black artists do it also. I mean here is a tape that never made it out of the studio, yet the same type of comments are on plenty of hip hop and rap records that actually get sold to the public. And the people pushing those records are the main ones slamming Eminem for lyrics he did in a basement studio ten years ago that never even made it to wax. It seems to me that the message being sent is that perpetuating negativity toward Black Americans and their culture is okay as long as it’s being done by Black people. What a message for our urban youth…

Your Hip Hop observer and enthusiast,