Misinformation & Useful Idiots

By Frost

This has more to do with life in general than it does with hip hop music or hip hop culture specifically. There are a lot of things going on in the world today that could affect the way our world is tomorrow. I was listening to someone speak recently about some world issues and he made an interesting comment that got me thinking. It is a phrase I have heard used before but like many other things, had been buried under a pile of other stuff inside my head.

The reference was to the term “useful idiots”, which is a term that most attribute to Vladimir Lenin of the Soviet Union. He used this term to refer to the sympathetic Western liberals and weak minded people, who were ignorant to his actions, that became apologists for and defended his murderous regime. Very often this phrase has been used to illustrate how the powers that be use the uninformed and uneducated for their own purpose by using misinformation and propaganda. And the reference got me to thinking how this is still being done today.

We see a talking head on the television and take what is being said as fact, when most of the time it is not. These people are journalists and politicians, telling you just the facts is not their job. As a matter of fact just the opposite is true, they are being paid by the media outlets for their opinion of the facts or to debate on the facts, not to report them. There are people in the media and in our government that know most people will not take the time to research an issue and therefore will tell you what they want you to hear or their version of the truth.

There are so many myths on both sides, Democrat and Republican, and it is up to you to find the truth. On the same tip, there are too many times that people rely on information from their cousin, brother, or friend who heard it from someone, who said they saw it on TV and that’s how rumor becomes fact in many peoples eyes. We as concerned citizens have to take the responsibility to know the facts of the issues that concern us and to disseminate that information accurately. There are too many people that regurgitate false information and statistics that they heard someone say and state it as fact. These are the “Useful Idiots” of today’s generation. Don’t allow yourself to be used by someone else to further their agenda, make a real difference and discover the truth for yourself. Find the real facts, stay informed of the issues, and don’t let anyone manipulate you and your opinions. Stand strong and hard for what you believe in.

Your Hip Hop observer and enthusiast,